Marketing, Sales, and Management Consulting
Rem Jackson, President and CEO

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Rem Jackson has been guiding professionals, educators, and business leaders as a coach and trainer for over 18 years. In 1994, he led the team that founded Classroom Connect, a high-tech company dedicated to helping K-12 educators integrate technology into their instruction, and he contributed to the sale of Classroom Connect to Reed-Elsevier in 2001. At Classroom Connect Rem led the development of seminars, conferences, custom professional development programs, and web-based training.

The programs he developed have been experienced by over 100,000 educators, business people, and government leaders in North America and Asia. His extensive experience in sales, marketing, and senior management in the areas of education, health care, and industry uniquely qualify him to lead the development and implementation of Top Practices proprietary products and services.

Top Practices, LLC, is dedicated to helping professionals, businesses, and K12 educators reach their full potential. We accomplish this through innovative marketing, sales, and management programs and products and through professional development programs.